Driver was canned, corn won’t be; trucker dumps load in Nebraska

corn spill

Trucker gets fired on the road, so that’s where he leaves his load…but in the offical Gage County Sheriff Department’s photo, it looks like he was driving on the wrong side of the road. Or was the image just flopped.

Don’t dump your corn on the highway in Nebraska. That’s the message of today’s story about, well, dumping stuff on the highway. It will get you charged with a felony. And a related charge.

Most stuff-on-a-highway events—such as bull semen in Tennessee—is unintentional. However, when Darren Walp, of Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, dropped his load on a Nebraska highway, it was on purpose.

Walp, a truck driver hauling a load of the yellow fruit of the prairie from Nebraska to Kansas(?), had a texting conversation with his boss, during when he learned that he had been fired, Walp didn’t take it very well.

Walp opened the bottom hatch doors on the trailer, dumping corn on the side of the highway, and then drove away. The load was spilled along a quarter mile of the road as he went, almost 1,000 bushels altogether, worth more than $3,000.

Nebraska didn’t take that very well either. Walp was charged with felony criminal mischief and “depositing materials on a roadway or ditch.” Cost of cleanup was pegged at $500.