To finish line painting, road crew drags car out of the way…and puts it back…and it’s ticketed

cop writing ticketWe’ve all seen pictures of critters with highway stripes painted over them by road crews too lazy or perhaps too squeamish—we’ll got with the former—to move them out of the way.

A road painting crew in Cardiff, Wales, was a bit more dedicated, and it seems, a bit too dedicated when called upon to paint new no-parking curb markings. To paint lines where there were none, the paint crew dragged a car that was parked in the way…and then after the lines were painted, dragged the car back over them.

And to add insult to injury—the car was damaged in the process—the car was ticketed for being illegally parked.

According to Wales Online, the car owner, one David Buckland, had parked the car in a zone that had previously been marked for no parking, but the lines had been illegally overpainted in April. Since then, there was nothing indicating that parking there would be illegal.

So when the paint crews came around and found Burkhart’s car parked in the way of repainting the curb, they stopped at the front of the car and restarted at the back. But when they returned a week later expecting to finish the job, Burkhart’s car was still there—or perhaps there again—squarely in the middle of the car-length gap in the lines.

That’s when they called for the hook. Drag, spray, drag. And that’s when the meter maid showed up.

According to the Mirror, Buckland found a sympathetic ear on the town council who says it was wrong for the car to have been dragged out of the way, and by the way, tickets can be appealed. So it appears that Buckland will have justice done.

We wonder, however, who painted over the original markings in the first place. And did Burkhart expect that a gap in the markings exactly the length of a Volkswagen Polo was intentional and would remain?

What do you think?