Kentucky crash leads to bee attack, girl in bikini gets ‘little red dots all over her’

Gary Lee Anderson describes bee attack

Gary Lee Anderson describes bee attack on a drunk couple who ran their Geo Tracker into a telephone pole.

Not long ago CarBuzzard published an article about how bees sometimes take a liking to a particular car and select it as new location for a hive. Those swarms, however, are nothing like the fury of a hive upset when you’re drunk and run your Geo Tracker into a telephone pole in Laurel County, Kentucky, and your girlfriend is wearing a bikini, and well, we can’t tell it quite as well as Gary Lee Anderson, who’s a Dale Jr. fan and last week was a witness to the UFO landing:

“Well I just had got done feedin’ my chickens, waterin’ em and stuff, and I walked back to my house there to get my phone so I could play a video game on it an’ all a sudden I heared a big boom…”

Fortunately, Barney was off that evening, so as Deputy Gilbert Accierdo explained it. “[The driver of the Geo Tracker] didn’t know it, but there was a hive of bees located there and he disturbed them.”

Good ol’ Gary Lee, microphone clipped to his “Fishing Classics” T-shirt, takes it from there. “And there’s guy come out, and he was screaming and squalin’, and runnin’ around, ‘bout like a chicken with his head cut off.”

The driver had the presence of mind to run and get a hose to spray the bees off himself and his girlfriend.

Gary Lee said, “But I told’ ‘em, you need to get out of that water, but see I didn’t know they was getting’ eat up by bees. I thought they was jus’ high.”

The couple, according to deputies, was under the effect of drugs, and had been on their way to the local swimming hole.

“That girl had that little bikini. She had little red dots all over her,” according to Gary Lee.

Reporter for WKYT-TV Garret Wymer said “investigators called it an unusual case.”

But at least Gary Lee thinks they’ve learned a lesson. We do too. You can bet that feller won’t be drunk and running his Geo Tracker into a telephone pole in Laurel County, Kentucky, with his girlfriend wearing a bikini and upsetting a hive of bees…because that Geo Tracker is totaled.