#PinkBeetle is VW’s girly-girl car for social media savants

2017 Volkswagen Beetle #PinkBeetle

2017 Volkswagen Beetle #PinkBeetle [pre-production]

#PinkBeetle—that’s right, hashtag-Pink-Beetle as its name—is a real thing. Or at least it will be when it goes on sale this fall. Volkswagen claims the Beetle #PinkBeetle will be the first car with the pound sign as part of its name, and we certainly don’t doubt it.

Thanks to the hashtag, says Volkswagen, the #PinkBeetle is “destined to be an instant social media influencer” and an “immediate automotive trending topic.” Those who know what that means will require no explanation. Those who don’t, just don’t understand social media and how it controls the world these days. If social media sells cars, then the #PinkBeetle should help move the slow-selling Beetle.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle #pinkbeetle [pre-production]

The 2017 Volkswagen Beetle #pinkbeetle has plaid seats similar to that of the VW GTI…though in plaid. (click to enlarge)

It certainly will be hard to miss in real life. Volkswagen calls the #PinkBeetle’s color Fresh Fuchsia Metallic, and if you ever wondered what color fuchsia is, now you know. And by being “fresh” it’s the brightest pink since Barbie did Mary Kay. (Except maybe a pink Rolls-Royce),

It’s hard to imagine a more girly-girl car, the most feminine Volkswagen since the all-white (black top) 2007 Triple White VW New Beetle.  The #PinkBeetle sedan isn’t just pink, it’s all pink on the outside except for black mirrors and black running boards. The #PinkBeetle convertible has a black convertible top; it would be too hard to tool up for a pink top, as VW says it “will be offered in limited quantities across the United States.” We suspect there’s a limited market for retina-searing Fresh Fuchsia Metallic VW Beetles, anyway.

The #PinkBeetle has that Fresh Fuchsia on the inside as well, although not as extenxsive as the exterior. The black dashpad has a surrounding pink accent, and “Pink Club” cloth seats have a pink plaid insert similar to the plaid of the VW Golf GTI, and with the GTI’s red striping replaced by a matching pink.

Standard infotainment equipment includes Volkswagen’s MIB II system that hosts VW Car-Net App-Connect  which enables smartphone integration through three major platforms—Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle #pinkbeetle [pre-production]

2017 Volkswagen Beetle #pinkbeetle [pre-production]

Volkswagen’s Composition Media infotainment system is standard on the #PinkBeetle as well. Its 6.3-inch screen has a capacitive touch sensor (similar to smartphone and tablet technology) to enable gesture controls including swiping and pinch-zooming. MIB II also incorporates a proximity sensor, which detects when a hand is nearby and automatically switches its display to allow easier selection of specific features. Of course, USB and Bluetooth connectivity for compatible devices is standard. The Beetle #PinkBeetle also comes a rearview camera and SiriusXM satellite radio. Heated front seats and keyless access with push-button start are also part of the pink package.

The #PinkBeetle will have the 1.8-liter turbo four as standard equipment, and only the automatic will be available with the very pink in pink.

Volkswagen won’t realease a price until later this summer, but VW calls the Beetle #PinkBeetle “value-oriented.” We guesstimate a sales price of about $23,000 for the sedan, and the convertible about $28,000. But don’t hashtag about the money you’ll spend just yet. Just invade social media with #PinkBeetle. Volkswagen is counting on you, cyber warriors.