Bees on cars: It’s the real sting

Bee_smilingYou know that dog that chases your car? Think it would chase it for two days, even after he caught it once and was taken away once? That didn’t happen to a woman in England, but something close did.

According to The Telegraph, that back end of one Carol Howarth’s silver Mitsubishi Outlander was covered by a swarm of over 20,000 bees. Howarth discovered the bees on her vehicle parked in front of the Three Crowns pub in Haverfordwest, West Wales, in the UK, after she had done a little lunchtime “shopping.”

Not only were there bees, but also two members of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, who came to help capture the swarm. The beekeepers rounded up the swarm in a box and took them away. The assumption that the queen bee had been trapped inside the Outlander somehow and the bees were simply trying to follow her.

That should have been the end of the story, but the dog, er, bees showed up again on Howarth’s car the next morning. The second call to the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association rounded up the rest of the bees but it took all day and no queen was ever found.

Apparently it’s not unusual for bees to swarm on vehicles. The BBC reported that a swarm of bees descended on a black car (make unreported). The driver, said the Beeb, was advised not to leave, though they didn’t say whether he was inside or outside the car. This time it was the East Dorset Beekeepers Association to the rescue.

Driving to shake the bees doesn’t work very well, as another Brit found out when taking a high speed blast in his convertible Audi (with the top up). To the dismay of beekeepers, however, the Audi owner took his car through a carwash—twice—to get rid of the bees.

Here’s what what a swarm of bees on a car looks–and sounds–like.

But bees don’t swarm on cars just in the UK, however. In Oklahoma it was a cop whose police cruiser was swarmed by some apparently unhappy bees when the semi hauling them (wait, a semi to haul bees?) from Ohio to Texas overturned. The bees landed on the cruiser of Garvin County Deputy Carl Zink. Zink wisely stayed put and kept the windows up, though one bee did get in and sting him. He did grab his cell phone and record the scene from the inside, and it looks like something out of a follow up to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. The two movies in a double bill would actually be rather sexy. You know, The Birds and The Bees.