Multi-vehicle pileup wrecks seven brand-new Jeep Wranglers…but no bananas

Nesquehoning Jeep wreck

Remains from one brand new Jeep Wranglers after a car carrier turned over near Nesquehoning, Pa. (screen capture WNEP-TV; click to enlarge)

Multi-car accidents have been called pile-ups, but one in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, truly lived up to the term. According to a report on WNEP-TV, a driver of a truck carrying seven new Jeep Wranglers ignored warning signs to use a lower gear and slow down for a steep hill just out of town.

Shades of Thirty-Thousand Pounds of Bananas, the Jim Croce song about a load of the yellow fruit that crashed on a steep in Scranton, Pa. In this case, the driver went by 30 road signs warning of the steep downhill and limiting heavy trucks to 30 mph. But at least no one was injured in the Jeep incident.

Nesquehoning Jeep wreck

What’s left of one Jeep Wrangler leaves the accident site where its car carrier overturned near Nesquehoning, Pa. (screen capture WNEP-TV; click to enlarge)

As the car carrier overturned, all seven Jeeps were severely damaged, having been tumbled around inside the car trailer or ejected of the top.  The brand new Jeeps were all, according to WNEP, “special editions” priced at about $40,000.

While it was a bad day for the driver of the truck, and for anyone waiting for the delivery of a new Jeep, at least it was good news for the tow truck operator who got to take away seven cars and one truck from a single vehicle accident.