Dodge Charger, Challenger, Viper awaken in a viral Star Wars-themed promo event

Dodge Star Wars cars

Dodge dressed up a Charger Hellcat, Challenger Hellcat and Viper ACR in Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren wraps for a Star Wars-themed promotional event.

There’s still time. Star Wars nerds can hit the streets in Los Angeles in pursuit of three Star Wars-themed Dodge vehicles, but it’s only through December 14.

Dodge, in partnership with Disney and Lucas Films, has specially wrapped a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to resemble First Order Stormtroopers, and also wrapped a black Dodge Viper ACR to look like bad guy Kylo Ren.

The cars will be available to be photographed and videoed in various locations around the greater L.A. area, but fans of the sci-fi epic won’t have to roam around aimlessly, hoping for a lucky hit. Vehicle locations will be posted on Twitter in real time, using the hashtags #Dodge and #TheForceAwakens.

Which is a double bonus for Dodge. Instead of prepping a vehicle and posting it in a single location, Dodge p.r. has turned the specially prepared cars into a social media event. A mobile treasure hunt, as it were, should generate even more excitement than a static display, such as the zombie apocalypse Hyundai Elantra parked outside of Comic-Con.

Dodge is hoping the promotion goes viral with pictures shared on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and other social media, giving a lot of bang for relatively little buck.

Compared to Hyundai’s Zombie Survival Machine, the Dodge Charger, Challenger and Viper were less expensive to prepare, with only a wrap, a plastic covering that can easily be removed, instead of a full custom job.

Mopar hasn’t said anything about making the Stormtrooper/Kylo Ren wraps available as an accessory—although we sincerely doubt it—though Dodge performance car enthusiasts will be writing down the VIN to prove which Hellcat/Viper was the one used in the Dodge/Star War promo. Car nuts can be nerds, too.