With custom Chevy Spark, Domino’s delivers in style

Domino’s announced today it has chosen the 2015 Chevrolet Spark as the basis for the company’s new Domino’s DXP ™(Delivery Expert).


Pizza, pizza, daddy-o. Remember that song from childhood? It really had nothing to do with pizza, but it’s a catchy phrase that stays with you throughout adulthood. Domino’s Pizza is trying to make sure its memory stays with you as well, long after the heartburn is gone. How? By creating this DXP pizza delivery Spark, featuring the ability to carry up to 80 pizzas at a time.

While the majority of us will still see the pizza guy crash into your driveway in his clapped out Geo Storm, couch potatoes in Boston, Seattle, Detroit, San Diego and 21 other markets may catch a glimpse of this cheesy ride, equipped with only one seat for the driver and a warming oven located on the driver’s side rear. The LED lights of the oven can keep four pizzas at a toasty 140 degrees, while the other 76 pizzas hang out in the back cargo area.

This saucy Chevrolet Spark removes the Chevy bowtie on the grille and replaces it with a Domino’s logo. The Domino’s logo also will be projected on the ground from the approach lamps on the underside of the rearview mirrors, and on the hubcaps.

Domino’s plans to have 96 vehicles total on the road over the next three months, and are expecting to see these vehicles deliver not only pizza, but efficiency and quality as well. If a franchise wants one, they’ll have to shell out dough between $20,000 to $25,000 for this little tomato.

So how did this meatball become reality? It started with a crowd-sourced competition called the Domino’s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge, and was brought to life via Domino’s and Roush Enterprises. But just because Roush is behind it, don’t expect to see a hi-perf version anytime soon. It will, however, come with OnStar navigation, so the driver can find his way to your place before the pizza loses its delicious flavor.

Now that Domino’s has started the trend, we can only speculate on what’s next: a Mexican Fiesta? A Thai Tesla? The Fresh Fruit Fit? A Bridgeford Rolls-Royce? The possibilities are endlessly tasty. So keep an eye out for these in your neighborhood, and don’t forget to keep the change, you filthy animal.