Falken Tire adds foam inside tires for a quieter ride

Falken Silent Core tire

By adding a band of ether-polyurethane foam inside tires, Falken Tire says tire noise can be significantly reduced.

There’s nothing more tiring—pun intended—than noisy tires on a long drive. Well, maybe that thing in gym where you had to hold your arms out until they just ached. But road noise in a car interferes with conversation, impedes enjoyment of that expensive high end audio, and is just plain annoying. And car makers spend millions in tracking down and eliminating whatever noise they can. Lexus even came up with a special wheel with cavities to for noise reduction.

Falken tire, however, has developed a tire to nip tire noise at its source, the tire itself, with a patented technology it calls Silent Core. An ether-polyurethane foam to the inside of the tire carcass damps tire noise amplified by air vibrating inside the tire, says Falken.

Falken Tire claims a double-humped foam layer inside their tires can reduce cabin noise by up to four decibels, and drive-by noise can be reduced by up to ten decibels compared to standard tires.

According to Falken’s testing, Silent Core lasts for the duration of the tire’s lifetime, and Falken says the tires are “undergoing a pilot phase with a well-known automotive manufacturer, with other brands also having expressed keen interest.”

If you think you’ve heard this before, however, you’re perhaps thinking about Continental’s ContiSilent tire that is in use on several Audi products in other markets around the world.