Ford Focus ST gets more power from warranty-approved mountune tuner kit

mountune Focus ST performance kit

The mountune kit provides more power for the Focus ST, covered by warranty…but at a price. (click to enlarge)

Aftermarket tuner parts typically have done three things, increase power, invalidate the warranty, and void emissions compliance. Unless of course if they have no effect, in which case why bother? Now, however, Ford is offering a tuning kit that will increase performance of the Ford Focus ST to 275 horsepower and torque to 296 lb/ft (over stock ratings of 252 horsepower and 270 lb/ft of torque). What’s more, it won’t void the car’s warranty.

The kit, developed by mountune, a California performance parts manufacturer in business since 1980, includes a mountune Induction kit, high flow intercooler, all the bits required for installation, a mountune performance badge (for the obligatory mine-is-faster-than-yours-parking-lot bragging rights), and a mountune mTune handset.

The “handset” isn’t in the traditional hot-rodder’s vocabulary, but rather something for the programmable ECU—engine control unit—crowd. As its name suggests, it a handheld device and it’s about the size of a smartphone, complete with a smartphone-like LCD screen. Its initial purpose is to transfer new coding for the ECU, but beyond that, the handset can be used for In-field calibration updates, record 0-60 quarter-mile times, along with full data logging, diagnosis trouble code (DTC) reading/clearing, and function as an adjustable shift light. And it has a mounting clip so it can be, yes, mounted.

The catch, of course, is a $1,900 price tag for the entire kit, and secondly, the kit must be installed by a Ford dealer’s service department. But as the old saying goes, speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?