Kid gets tooth pulled by Camaro, the world tunes in

Pulling a tooth, redneck Camaro style

Pulling a tooth, redneck Camaro style (YouTube video screen capture)

He should have least give the kid a beer. At least then the kid could say, “Hey, y’all, hold my beer and watch this.” A kid is lucky, we think, that the stunt a dad played with his son, pulling the kid’s tooth with his Camaro, ended successfully.

And so successfully that a video of the deed has gone ballistic on YouTube, where everything in life worth recording ends up, with more than a million views. In the video, Dad ties one end of the string around the baby tooth ready to come out and the other to the rear of his Camaro and then does the predictable. In the video, the Camaro pulls the string and then out comes the tooth.

Kid gets his tooth pulled by a Camaro...and YouTube viewers want to know about the exhaust in on the car.

Kid gets his tooth pulled by a Camaro…and YouTube viewers want to know about the exhaust on the car. (click to enlarge)

We doubt we’d do it with our kid. There’s too much that could go wrong. However, it’s not all that uncommon perhaps, with other YouTube videos showing extraction by running canines, golf balls and model rockets (you can look it up), but it borders on documented child abuse, particularly if something should go wrong (click) go wrong (click) go wrong… As Mom always said, it’s all fun until someone puts an eye out.

In this case, however, Mom was holding the video camera.

You’ll notice, however, in all cases, it’s not the dad who’s getting the tooth pulled.

Not surprisingly, however, is that in the comments, what started out as a tooth extraction by horsepower stunt became a discussion about what kind of exhaust Dad has on his Camaro. Priorities…

Just hand them good ol’ boys a beer.