Fabulous Fords Forever: celebrating the bold and the beautiful



The Fabulous Fords Forever (FFF) event held at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, is celebrating its 30th year. It’s one of the largest gatherings of Ford and Ford-related products in the country, and is the place to go to see Mustangs, one-off customs, trucks, and Lincoln Mercury vehicles.

For 2015, FFF celebrates 50 years of Shelby Mustang, 55 years of the Falcon, 60 years for Thunderbird, and 75 years of the Lincoln Continental. With over 1,800 vehicles on display, and exhibitors from 11 states, this truly is an event not to be missed.

DSCN7858While past coverage of Fabulous Fords Forever has included everything from Edsels to early Fords to race cars, this time we’re going to give some love to the Lincoln brand, and especially the Continental, since the new Continental Concept made its debut in New York just a few short weeks ago.

Lincoln Continental ConceptIn 1922, Ford Motor Company bought the Lincoln Motor Car Company for $8 million. By 1936, the Lincoln brand was on its way to becoming one of the top luxury marques in America. The original Lincoln Continental Mark II appeared in 1939, and became its own car line by 1940. The Lincolns were lauded as some of the most beautiful cars of their time. Although Lincoln has gone through its share of ups and downs over the past nine decades, the current renaissance is bringing amazing new products and plenty of new buyers into the fold. In seven short years, when Lincoln celebrates its 100th birthday, the Lincoln Star will be shining brightly once again.

Let’s take a look at some fun photos of Lincoln details throughout the years.

mirrorsWhat was once just a sideview mirror, a simple tool to help the driver see another vehicle come alongside, has evolved into a mini computer. The sideview mirror in the newest Lincoln has includes an integrated turn signal indicator, auto-dimming, power fold, and power adjust features, is heated, and includes a blind-spot monitoring system, and a camera (in the new MKX) to help create a 360-degree view.

lincoln badgesThe Lincoln badge actually began as a crest, and slowly evolved over time to the well-known Star. The Continental was the first Lincoln to sport the new Star logo. Over the years, the logo has moved from the crosshairs outside the square, to inside the square with the edges just outside the box. Then the badge morphed to a vertical rectangle, then, in the past few years, the crosshairs stayed within the box. With the new 2016 MKX, the badge articulates to expose the front camera, which includes a washer system to keep it clean.




Ford and Lincoln were the first — and are still the only — manufacturers to use a keypad called SecuriCode. It’s  a great feature that allows you to lock your keys in the vehicle, then use the code to lock the car, unlock the car, open the truck, or even unlock the liftgate. It was first introduced in 1980, and has evolved from a pushbutton design to a touch sensor system now hidden in the B-pillar of Lincoln vehicles.



Photography © Team Killeen and courtesy Lincoln Motor Company