Car gets D.C. parking ticket while trapped behind police crime-scene tape (video)

police-w-tikThink you got an unfair parking ticket? No matter what yours is, it doesn’t top what happened to this woman.

Lynne Zaris came out from a restaurant in the District of Columbia where she had been dining to find her car in a crime scene. A gunman had fatally shot a security guard at the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters, near where she had parked her car. As a result, with her car behind the yellow “police-line/do not cross” tape, she couldn’t get it to drive home.

Adding to the inconvenience, her purse and other belongings were in the truck, and the police wouldn’t let open the trunk to get her things. You know, police line/do not cross, and there might be evidence in the trunk.

So she decided to retrieve it the next day. However, when she arrived, there was a parking ticket under the wiper. Her street parking validation ticket had expired.

Incensed, Zaris contacted the news team from local television station, and when they arrived, she walked over to show them where her car was parked. However, before she could come back, her car had been festooned with yet another parking citation.

Of course, she can, as one D.C. cop told her, go through the process to get the adjudicated. We shudder to think how long The Process will take, however. She should, we suppose, just be happy her car wasn’t towed. Think what the process would be to get it out of impound.