Surgeons worst drivers in Great Britain, insurance claims show

And that's why they wear masks.

And that’s why they wear masks.

Based on almost two millions auto insurance claims, the most dangerous drivers in Great Britain are…surgeons. They are, at least, the most likely to file an “at-fault” claim on their car insurance. And the safest drivers? Building society—savings and loan—clerks.

That’s the finding of a study by, as reported by The Guardian. Furthermore, nine of the top ten in claims filed were in the medical professions, including general practitioners, psychotherapists and nurses. The only non-medical job in the terrible ten was probation officer.

The difference is big, too. Out of every 1,000 surgeons, 361 made an at-fault claim in the past five years. Building society clerks, only other hand, made claims at only 3.5 out of every 1,000.

It matters because insurance companies use what one does for a living as an important indicator in insurance rates. The occupations are from a standardized list used by all British insurance companies when drivers take out a policy. But careful shoppers can, for example, shade their job description to save money. A “restaurateur” changing to “cafe owner” can save as much as £100 on an annual premium.

The safest drivers are generally clerks and typists (a quaint job description, actually), who occupy five out of the top six low-claim slots. Perhaps surprisingly, funfair—carnival—workers is in the number four spot, and abattoir—slaughterhouse—employees are at number eight. Working at the carwash may make for squishy shoes, but also for safe drivers, coming in at number seven, while warehouse workers—pickers and packers—come in at ninth and tenth.

But those surgeons. One hopes that the doctors working at the National Health are more careful with a scalpel than they are with a steering wheel, or so much for socialized medicine…