Safety tip: Don’t burn the driver’s armpit hair In Idaho

rolled Bronco

Ada County, Idaho, Sheriff’s Office photo shows remains of Bronco rolled when driver’s armpit hair set on fire.

Safety Tip of the Day: Don’t set the armpit hair of the driver of the vehicle you’re in on fire while he’s driving at high speed at 5:30 in the morning and none of the five of you in the vehicle is wearing a seatbelt.

But what makes a humorous lead for a Roadkill article may have been tragic except for luck.

Ada County, Idaho, sheriff’s department reported that a 16-year old boy, one of three in the front seat of a Ford Bronco, held a cigarette lighter to the hair of the driver’s armpit. Not surprisingly, the driver lost control of the SUV and sent it tumbling down the road. Sheriff’s department photos show the Bronco, its roof crushed in sitting on the shoulder of the road next to a cornfield.

No one in the car…the three boys in front nor a 15- and 16-year old girl in the back seat…was wearing a seatbelt, and the girls were ejected when the vehicle rolled. Fortunately, none were seriously injured, two being treated at the scene, while the two girls and one of the boys were taken to the hospital.

The driver was charged with “inattentive driving,” based on speed and evidence of erratic driving before the accident, and the teen with the cigarette lighter, in the understatement of the day, was  cited for distracting the driver.