Maserati dealer hosts grand opening

Maserati of Arlington Kipp Burgoyne

Moving and shaking at Maserati of Arlington. Photo by Kipp Burgoyne

Arlington, VA – If there’s a telling indicator (beyond last year’s Super Bowl TV spot) of Maserati’s national ambitions, look no further than 2710 S. Glebe Road in Arlington, where the money behind Maserati of Washington has opened a new pop-up store. A modestly refreshed seafood shop vacant for approximately five years (the remodel was budgeted at something over $200K), the satellite showroom – dubbed Maserati of Arlington – is a precursor to 18,000 dedicated square feet of retail space; construction of the new facility will begin next spring. With Maserati’s explosive sales growth (global sales increased almost 150% YOY in 2013), fueled by both an expanding lineup and inclusive lease deals, Maserati of Arlington’s ownership is counting on a growing economy, growing awareness and (we would guess) a continuing supply of cheap credit.

Maserati Ghibli

Object of affection: Maserati’s Ghibli

At the dealership’s September 19th grand opening some 300 movers and shakers from the D.C. environs converged on the building’s 2,000 square feet. Composed largely of attractive 30-somethings listening to a deejay projecting more cleavage than wattage, you would have been hard-pressed to find an invitee able to differentiate Stirling Moss – whose iconic image shared black-and-white wall space with Juan Fangio – with Sterling, Virginia, home of Arlington’s mothership, Maserati of Washington. But the youthful audience, while lacking the let’s-write-a-check authority of executives in their ‘50s or ‘60s, should be all about a $599/month lease on Maserati’s new Ghibli, even if procuring same required a loan from dad and more credit history than student loans typically represent.

Of course, with a lease offering “as low as $599 per month” you’ll know that most Maserati leases will be written at figures higher than that, just as most Ghiblis will go out the door well above their $70K base. Only a moment after clicking on Maserati’s ‘Build Your Own’ web portal, you can take the base Maserati and, with but a few packages, propel it uncomfortably past $80K. As described by Maserati of Arlington’s general sales manager, Alex Macatuno, the $599/month figure is based on a $71K capitalization, and the lessee paying taxes (4% of cap cost in Virginia), title and license fees up front, along with a $5,500 cap reduction. It’s a 36-month contract, with 10K miles per year allowed for those three years.

Maserati of Arlington’s ownership is aggressively invested in Fiat’s upmarket brands, with the Sterling Maserati outlet (near Dulles), a Ferrari store in the D.C. area, as well as three Ferrari outlets in Southern California. In an area better known for memorials to Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, Moss and Fangio – and their motorized offspring – look to be a refreshing (and high revving) add.