There’s an app for that – BMW partners with GoPro

Easy to use app for GoPro video camera control through your BMW

Easy to use app for GoPro video camera control through your BMW

Sporting enthusiasts are using POV (Point Of View) video cameras to document everything from snow board tricks and strange antics to kid’s daily activities. However, one of the most prolific areas we see POV cameras is in the automotive world. Videos documenting unsafe drivers recorded from dash cams, race cars doing incredible feats and drivers preforming absolutely absurd stunts are proliferating every “outrageous” news reel. And all of this material is coming from camera angles amateurs once only dreamt.

GoPro, a leading provider of POV video cameras and BMW, maker of some the most exciting performance vehicles in the world, have teamed up to help make getting the best shots of maneuvers drivers are able to extract from BMW automobiles easy and less complicated.

This is the first-ever mass-produced integration of a GoPro video camera with a vehicle’s on-board infotainment system. Introduced at the media drive for the BMW M3 sedan and M4 coupe this app will integrate a GoPro camera in all 2012 and later BMW Group vehicles equipped with BMW Apps or MINI Connected option.

According to Adam Silver, GoPro Director of Strategic Product Opportunities, “GoPro has deep roots in motorsports and is passionate about enabling drivers to capture their road or track experience.” It makes perfect sense to integrate this technology into BMW vehicles as owners are as passionate as any about their driving experiences. They also have a growing desire to document these activities and to share them with others or to improve their driving techniques.

View the following video for more information on how easy the intagration your G0Pro camera can be with many of the BMW and MINI  brand vehicles.


The system is quite easy to use. The vehicle must be equipped with either the BMW Apps or MINI Connected option, along with the GoPro App installed on an iPhone 4 or later device. A late model Wi-Fi-equiped GoPro camera is needed. Connect the device to the car’s infotainment center and launch the app. Once connected, you can control the camera settings all the while getting the camera’s view via the phone. The app simplifies camera positioning, as now you can easily view the image through the screen on your phone or even via the display in the car.

With BMW’s iDrive controller the operator can now change settings, start and stop recording while viewing the camera’s view from the large display located in the BMW’s dash, as we found during the media introduction of the BMW M3 and M4.

Now all you have to do is go out and show off your video-producing talent. Oh, and your driving skills.

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