BMW announces hot 2014 BMW M5 30 Jahre limited edition; study up on your social media

2014 BMW M5 30th Anniversary limited edition

2014 BMW M5 30th Anniversary limited edition

If you want the fastest BMW M5 ever—indeed with an output of 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, the most powerful production in the history of BMW—you need to be quick on your telephone number pad as well. A special 30th anniversary model, dubbed BMW M5 “30 Jahre M5” (German for 30 years of the M5), will be built in a limited run of 300 cars worldwide, and only 30 will be imported into the United States.

BMW, as with earlier limited edition models, will be reserved via a dedicated BMW Customer Relations phone line at 1:00pm EDT (10:00am PDT), on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. A new twist, however, is to get people to sign on to BMW of North America’s Instagram channel (@BMWUSA). The telephone number will be revealed over the five days leading up to May 21, beginning on Saturday, May 17, but not all at once. Each day only parts of the call-in number will be released. Even if you can’t afford the buy-in on the BMW M5 30 Jahre, BMW’s Instagram channel will offer Official Fun Facts about each of the five generations of BMW M5.

BMW M5 30th Anniversary number plate

Each 2014 BMW M5 30th Anniversary will have a serial-numbered badge on the passenger side dash. (lick to enlarge)

So if you win one of the 30th Anniversary M5’s, what’s the price of admission? It’s $138,275, but at least that includes destination and handling. The first 29 of the special M5 will go to the first 29 dialers to make it in. If the BMW M5 30 Jahre is like earlier BMW special editions, we’d recommend putting the number on speed dial. The 30th car, by the way, will be kept by BMW North America, and for all the lawyers out there, BMW won’t tie itself down: Number 30 may be sold at a later date.

Every BMW M5 30 Jahre M5 will be painted in Frozen Dark Silver Metallic  and also be identified by Black Chrome “30 Jahre M5” badges on the kidney grill surrounds, the front fenders, door handles and in case anyone still hasn’t figured out what it is, on the twin dual exhaust pipes. The 30th Anniversary Edition M5 also gets 20-inch, bi-color M light-alloy wheels.

2014 BMW M5 30th Anniversary dash

The dash of the 2014 BMW M5 30th Anniversary limited edition is uncluttered, the way an M5 dash should be. (click to enalrge)

For anyone who still isn’t sure, black Alcantara/leather M multi-adjustable seats are embroidered with “30 Jahre M5.” Finally, to assure future collectability, a 1/300 identification number is on the Aluminum Trace trim strip on the front passenger side of the cockpit.

Of course, even without the special limited-edition number, this one’s a collectible. The only question is, do you leave the dialing up to your people, or is the BMW M5 30 Jahre M5 so important you’ll trust no one but yourself to make that call.