Wavebreaking news: Woman goes minivan surfing at Daytona Beach

Honda Odyssey in surf

Waves pound Honda Odyssey minivan moments after woman and three children were rescued. (WFTV screencapture)

Whether she was reenacting Homer’s Odyssey or just driving her Honda Odyssey into the ocean isn’t clear from the report on WFTV.com, but a woman drove her Honda minivan full of kids ages 3, 9 and 10, into the waves at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Alert lifeguards—how alert does one have to be to see a minivan sinking bow down in the waves?—and bystanders rescued the woman and her children before the van was completely submerged.

Witnesses said the van was being driven “recklessly” on the beach before turning sharply into the water.

The rescue was captured on video by a Canadian tourist, who called it all “a bit terrifying.”

Driving on Daytona Beach is legal, but minivan surfing is not.