First date? Not an estate. Brit babes say ‘No’ to wagons

no wagon

Want to score big with Brit babes? Just smile…and don’t drive a wagon

While we’ve always heard about how they’re more sensible about their automobiles on the other side of the pond, with Brits getting sniffy about sedans in lieu of the more favored station wagons, or as they call them over there, estates. But according to a survey by rental car giant Europcar, an estate doesn’t rate on a first date. According to the poll, only one percent would put an estate at the top of the list for squiring a lady for the first time.

Women, says Europcar, are “put off by the practicality of estates.”

Because impracticality is more important in a man, we suppose.

But if an estate is a lousy choice for taking a girl out for the first time, what’s the winner? Europcar says it’s “perhaps not surprising, prestige vehicles,” pointing Mercedes-Benz as an example. Arriving in an high-priced car—and presumably not an estate, Mercedes-expensive or not—is most impressive to 32 percent of those surveyed. Some 20 percent listed a sports car or sports coupe as number one.

And almost a third said driving the right car is the right thing for starting off right. On the other hand, says Europcar, the “first thing [people] usually notice about someone on a first date is their smile.” That particular lie was told by 49 percent of those questioned.

Ken McCall, managing director of Europcar UK Group, said, “…our research suggests that a winning smile and a set of Prestige wheels with wow factor could make sure there’s a good chance of a second date!”

But wait, how did “prestige cars” suddenly become “Prestige cars” That’s right, Europcar has a special line of Prestige automobiles. “No matter who they’re trying to dazzle,” weasels McCall, “the Prestige by Europcar fleet offers motorists the choice of some of the most desirable cars on the road.”

The message, of course, is to hie thee to Europcar for first-date wheels. Or wait at home. They’ll bring one to you—provided you’re in a five mile radius of a Europcar office—if you rent it for two days or more. In case, of course, if that first date goes really well.