Regus, Rinspeed to show XchangE autonomous car office concept at Geneva

It looks like a concept from the ‘50s, of futuristic illustrations of families riding on remote controlled highways, Mom, Dad, sister and brother playing Parcheesi, the parents in their swivel seats, backs to the highway ahead.

It’s one step away—except for the ‘50s obligatory tailfins—according to office space supplier Regus, and Rinspeed, the concept car designer once known for ultra-high performance Porsches but recently coming up with innovative concepts.

Regus-Rinspeed XchangE concept

Regus and Rinspeed show XchangE self-driving office concept at Geneva 2014.(click to enlarge)i

The coming era of autonomous automobiles provides an opportunity to use the self-driving vehicles as mobile offices and meeting places, as when driving to the office or commuting. Regus is partnered with Rinspeed on the development of the concept car, the XchangE. A production version of the car would be a “third space”—not office, not home—for the busy executive to make use of time otherwise wasted between Manhattan and Greenwich. The car would, according to a statement released by Regus, provide “a comfortable and confidential space that turns a traffic jam on the way to the airport into productive time ‘at the office’.”

Of course, it’s easier to produce a concept interior of an autonomous car than to make a car that actually drives itself, but at least Regus and Rinspeed will be ready when the technology is ready.

Perhap it’s not a new idea, but Regus and Rinspeed will show the concept XchangE at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March. No word if Parcheesi board will be included.