2015 Lexus RC F Preview: Overpowered, Oversexed…and Over Here!

2015 Lexus RC F

The 2015 Lexus RC F: Hide your children – and keep your dogs on a leash.

It may have taken almost twenty-five years, but today – January 14, 2014 – Lexus finally shed itself of its nice-guy-or-girl-next-door (your choice) image. Say goodbye to any last remaining links to Camry or Avalon, and hello to the automotive equivalent of King Kong. Lexus’ 2015 RC F is in town, and the high performance scrimmage among hyperformance coupes (BMW, Cadillac and M-B – to name three) is about to get fugly.

Built atop Lexus’ recently announced (Tokyo Auto Show) RC Coupe, the RC F – as revealed at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show – takes the RC’s overall profile and butches it up with more wings and scoops than you might typically see at the Paris Air Show. We’re told the stylistic mods are there to support “the most powerful V8…ever developed by Lexus.” As you’d guess, Lexus’ new design language dominates the front fascia, while the RC F is fitted with a higher hood, better to accommodate the bigger V8.

Inside, the RC F builds upon the goodness already seen in the earlier IS F. Unique adds to this ‘F’ include gauges, steering wheel, seats, ornamentation and pedals. And all-new high back seating will offer – we’re told – both driver and passenger an exceptional performance fit.

With a V8 developing ‘more than’ 450 horsepower, this hyper Lexus should be both quick and fast. And there are but two disappointments: The RC F has apparently gained some 200 pounds of curb weight over its IS F predecessor. And we won’t, in a zillion years, be able to afford one.