Couple pulled up when car goes off cliff down under

dont_drive_over_a_cliff_onto_tree-125It must have been a scene out of a Road Runner cartoon or Beetle Baily comic strip, a car dangling off a cliff caught only by a tree from sheer disaster. Wyle E. Coyote always met cartoon doom while Beetle usually rescued Sarge…at least after taking a nap. But when a car left dangling in their car 30 feet down a cliff , it was anything but a Warner Bros. cartoon or kiddy comic book.

A New Zealand couple called in their predicament via cell phone—how else—but were left hanging for about a half hour until emergency services, including a rescue helicopter, were able to reach the scene and secure the car with ropes, and then used a ladder rescue the two people in the car. The rescue crews were also able to save the car as well, according to

“They had a bit of a hair raising moment. They weren’t injured,” a fire department spokesperson said in a bit of antipodal understatement. “We had to get them to stay rather still while we secured them and got them out.”

Still? You want still? We’d be so still we wouldn’t even think.