Car lands on La. house roof, driver charged with littering

Car on roof in Louisiana

Car lands on housetop in Louisiana rooftop (photo: Columbia Police Department)

In a stunt worthy of a Joie Chitwood thrill show, a suspected drug dealer launched his girlfriend’s car on top of a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home.

According to a report on WAFB-TV’s website, the driver missed a sharp curve while being chased by Baton Rouge police. The car then went over an embankment and up onto the house.

“At 2:30 a.m. we heard a loud bang,” WAFB-TV quoted homeowner Steve Taylor. “It woke us up, we didn’t know what was going on and I walked out the front door and there were two policemen in the yard and one of them informed me there was a car on our roof. And I stepped out into the yard and looked back up and there was a car on the roof and it was alarming as you can imagine.”

Antwon Ashley, stunt driver

Antwon Ashley (photo: Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center)

The alleged driver, Antwon Ashley, fled but was later arrested and charged with reckless driving, driving under suspension, hit and run with property damage, failure to stop for blue lights, trafficking crack cocaine, and for good measure, littering. Apparently they take littering seriously in Louisiana. But what, nothing for illegal parking?