Lambo on your laptop: Lamborghini Museum now offers virtual visits

Lamborghini Museum virtual tour

Just inside the front door, a Lamborghini Miura invites visitors on a virtual tour of the Lamborghini Museum.

Not everyone will be able to visit the Museo Lamborghini—the Lamborghini Museum—in person. More is the pity, particularly for the Lamborghinisti among us. It is the mothership, after all. But the good news is that Lamborghini has created a virtual tour of the museum, allowing the digital visitor to stroll through the museum and even inside of cars.

The tour uses the same technology used to make Google Maps’ Street View, using the same navigation tools. The visitor can move from location to location, look up and down and zoom in and out. Lamborghini has even left the Museum’s front door open so it’s possible to walk outside and look at the front of the building.

The cars inside the museum, of course, are fabulous, if you like that sort of thing, ranging from the original model Lamborghini GT350, through the seldom seen Lamborghini Lele, through Lamborghini Reventon number 00/20, to several race cars and concepts and even Lamborghini powerboat engines. It’s not a huge collection, but then Lamborghini is a small company.

The Lamborghini Museum tour technology system has all the flaws of Street Views. It’s possible to look at the museum only from select points—though with a 360 degrees by 360 degrees view, including the feet of the tripod. But moving through the museum seems more like leaping than a casual stroll.

What’s more, in some views a door will be open where in others it was closed. The good news is that an open door means that the tour will take you inside select cars. This may be your only chance to look around inside a Lamborghini Reventon.

Lamborghini Museum upstairs

The Lamborghini Museum has more cars upstairs but getting there virtually was a matter of punch and pray. (click to enlarge)

Unfortunately, like some other car museums, there are little of the artifacts surrounding the cars that helps place them in context, or automobilia that helps celebrate Lamborghini. It’s just the cars…if indeed one can say “just” and “Lamborghini” in the same sentence.

Resolution—something we noticed in the virtual Mazda museum—is not quite adequate to read the information placards placed by the cars. If real visitors get to read them, why can’t we deskbound be able to see what they say?

Not that you have to be at your desk, or even your laptop. The Lamborghini Museum virtual tour can also be see on tablet and mobile via Browser and the Google Map App. The App software is supported by both iOS and Android operating systems.

Still, it’s worth a visit, the price of admission exactly what you paid here, or even better because there are no advertisements. So if you can’t go to the musesum in Sant’Agata Bolognese pesonally, to visit, click on You don’t even need to take your hat off, but it would be a nice gesture. This is the Lamborghini Museum, after all.