How do the new Infiniti Q models compare to the old model names? Here’s your cheat sheet.

2002 Infiniti Q45

Infiniti’s new model nomenclature pays homage to the original Infiniti Q45; 2002 Infiniti Q45 shown

Are you having trouble keeping the new Infiniti nomenclature straight? Exactly how do the new Q/QX labels compare to the old names, the outgoing semi-arbitrary alphanumerics?

The general answer is that anything with a Q prefix is an automobile. Anything with a QX is a sport utility or a crossover. Infiniti says it provides “a clear hierarchy of vehicle type and positioning, while also giving a nod to the original Infiniti performance luxury flagship, the Q45.”

Except if you were familiar with the old system, such that it was, it’s hard to make the transition from the old to new.

The new system also comes with a new model, the 2014Infiniti Q50, an entry-level  sport/luxury sedan, a model position that seems more than vaguely similar to the Infiniti G entry-level sport/luxury sedan. Which, unlike the rebadged Infiniti G37 Coupe and Convertible which will be back, won’t return for 2014. The Q50 even has the same 3.7-liter V-6 as the old G37 models, which at least had the numerical part of the model designation representing the models’ engine displacement.

As mentioned, the Infiniti Q designation, however, isn’t without precedent. Infiniti’s first full-size luxury flagship sedan was the Q45 introduced in 1989 as a 1990 model.

Still, the easiest way to keep the models straight vis a vis their predecessors is via a cheat sheet. How are the new Q/QX models equivalent to the old? Here’s the list:

2014 Model Name Previous Model Name
Infiniti Q70 Infiniti M
Infiniti Q60 Coupe Infiniti G Coupe
Infiniti Q60 Convertible Infiniti G Convertible
Q60 IPL Coupe IPL G Coupe
Q60 IPL Convertible IPL G Convertible
Infiniti Q50 All-new vehicle
Infiniti QX80 Infiniti QX
Infiniti QX70 Infiniti FX
Infiniti QX60 Infiniti JX
Infiniti QX50 Infiniti EX