Hot news: ‘Walkie talkie’ tower put focus on Jaguar, Jag starts melting

Be careful where you stand, or park your car, in London.

Be careful where you stand, or park your car, in London.

A legend of Archimedes making a huge reflector from bronze panels and using it, with the rays of the sun, to set fire to Roman ships has long been debated, but its certain that a new building under construction in Londeon melted a Jaguar, or at least parts of it.

According to BBC News, a Jaguar parked near a building informally dubbed the “Walkie Talkie” apparently focused the sun’s refections off its concave wall like a giant solar camp oven at the Jaguar, melting an outside mirror and a badge over the space of about two hours.

It’s not the first time something like that had happened. A week earlier, a plastic bottle left on the dash of a van had been melted.

As a precaution, three parking spots have been closed off, but as the owner of the Jag reportedly said, “Crikey, that’s awful.”

The construction company, disovering the results of the concentrated reflection berfore the owner returned, placed a note on the windshield of the car saying “Your car’s buckled, could you give us a call?”

The car owner said the developers apologized and agreed to pay $1,500 repair costs.

We do wonder, however, about the future of that giant parabolic reflector.

In the meantime, one might be careful of parking your Italian car in London. Call it Archimedes’ Revenge.