Spanish police bust phony Ferraris, Aston Martins

Fake Ferrari inerior

Lesser cars were dummied up to look inside and out like Ferraris and Aston Martins.

Shades of the fiberglass body panels that could make the Pontiac Fiero look like a Ferrari 308. Well, something like it. Spanish police have busted a body shop in Valencia, Spain, that was making pretty good forgeries that Ferrari, in an official announcement, called  “on a par with those fake Hermes bags sold in the streets.”

Spanish police confiscated 21 fake upmarket cars, 14 of which had already been sold to the same kind of person who buys a bogus Rolex…or is sufficiently naïve to buy a exotic car at a fraction of the regular price. The cars were mostly Ferraris, Maranello says  458 Italias and F430s, but also included a pair of Aston Martins.

According to Fox News, Spanish police said, “The supposed deluxe cars were advertised on two websites for about 40,000 euros ($53,000), compared to the more than 200,000 euros that an authentic model would cost on the legal market.”

Ferrari owner Cesare Costantini was impressed, said CNN: “Well done, really well done. From one meter, two meters, you cannot even see the difference. The same tail lights, the same fenders, also the exhaust is the same. Very well done,” he said of the fakes.

However, the cars were made with fiberglass panels, so despite whatever craftmanship, we’re doubtful about the  Spanish police statement that the “appearance of the supposed deluxe vehicles in their external and internal design and even in the details of the engine simulated to perfection the look of the original models,”

But if it’s good enough to fool the neighbors, not to mention go cruising for crumpets, that’s good enough for some…at least until the policía come knocking. And you’re thinking of latching on to one of the sham super cars, forget it. The police have already have broken them up.