Continental Tire gives tire noise the silent treatment with ContiSilent tire

ContiSilent tire cross-section

Continental ContiSilent tire has special foam lining to reduce cabin noise. (click to enlarge)

Tire noise is a major component to interior cabin noise, particularly as manufacturers reduce wind noise, so when a tire manufacturer can reduce roadway racket by up to .9 decibel—that’s diminishing it to almost one tenth of what it had been—that’s huge. It’s something that Continental Tires says its new ContiSilent tires can do.

The element that makes the ContiSilent tire work is coating bonded to the inside of the tread area after the tire is made. The unique layer of foam significantly damps sound waves caused by the tire rolling on the pavement.

Tire tread patterns and tire compounds are the same for ContiSilent tires as standard production tires, with no change in performance characteristics in braking, handling or wet performance. Standard rims and fitting processes can also be used with ContiSilent tires.

Special wheels on certain Lexus models reduce cabin noise via specially designed chambers within the wheel rim. Unfortunately the tire nor wheels reduce exterior vehicle noise.

ContiSilent tires will be available first on select premium Audi RS high performance models, along with the Audi flagship A8 in some overseas markets.