Rolls-Royce is in the Pink

RR Pink lead

While the natural inclination is to think Angelyne would be behind the wheel of this pink Rolls-Royce Ghost, the truth is the car features this beautiful pink paint job to help raise cash and awareness for breast cancer. It will be the star of the FAB1 Million and Breast Cancer Care awareness project, designed to help raise $1 million over the next year. Instead of auctioning off the vehicle, the car will make appearances at exclusive events, and will be available for hire for anyone’s special day (if you can afford it), with all proceeds going toward the fund. There’s only one catch: you have to get to England to hitch a ride.

RR pink interior The vehicle sports more pink than a freshly bathed baby, including pink-accented umbrellas, hand-embroidered pink ribbons in the headrests, unique pink wheels, and a Blushing Pink and Créme Light interior leather motif. Because it’s still a Rolls Ghost, the extended-wheelbase model includes hand-veneered picnic tables, LCD screens, and a champagne chill box in the rear seating area. Those who rent the vehicle will sip champagne and enjoy music hall-quality music from the 600-watt audio system. No word if the vehicle will be auctioned at the end of the tour.

RR pink door sill

The door sill tag marks the special-edition Pink Rolls-Royce

RR pink umbrella

A pink umbrella to help keep you dry in the London rain.