Six-year old takes family Taurus out for Chinese food

Six-year old boy takes family Ford Taurus wagon out for Chinese food...but doesn't get there.

Six-year old boy takes family Ford Taurus wagon out for Chinese food…but doesn’t get there.

It makes sense to us. If you’re six years old and driving to the Chinese restaurant where you ate the night before, and accidentally hit a signpost and crack the car’s bumper, you go to the car dealership to get the car repaired.

And with any luck, it might be before mom and dad wake up.

According to the Detroit Free Press, A 6-year-old Michigan boy made it about 3 miles before he was stopped by other motorists Saturday (April 13) morning.

“I don’t know how he was able to operate everything and see at the same time,” Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputy Karl Sapp said. “Apparently, he was close enough that he could reach the pedals.”

The boy told Sapp he learned to drive by watching his father—a word of warning to all parents to watch what they do around their children. Unfortunately for the boy, he didn’t drive well enough to make it to the car dealership. Two other drivers called 911 to report erratic driving.

Sapp called the boy’s parents who were still asleep, the father retrieving both car and son.

The Free Press said that at press time it wasn’t clear whether charges would be brought, though we hope there were some interesting discussions when the tiny driver arrived home. One thing is sure, He’ll have an interesting story to tell when he grows up.