2014 Chevrolet Impala first drive review: Noticed, a lot.

2014 Chvey Impala

Chevrolet designers bring a new and attractive look to the 2014 Impala LTZ. Photo by Ron Moorhead click to enlarge

The 2014 Impala is the latest vehicle to come from a major endeavor for General Motors to build vehicles on their global, Epsilon platform. Chevrolet uses a shortened version of this platform for the Malibu and now uses a lengthened version for the larger Impala sedan. The use of one platform as the basis for a number of vehicles makes extremely practical financial sense. And in this case it makes practical sense.

The new Impala, which we drove this week in San Diego, is a deceptively attractive automobile. We were not expecting the reaction from passersby as we staged the car for photographs in the park. No sooner did we claim a spot, turn around expecting to start snapping of photos when a curious onlooker would appear next to the car with question after question. The first of which was always, “What is it.”

We knew we were sunk. This repeated itself time and time again. The only saving grace was as the crowd grew the folks started acting as area guards warding off others to remain out of shot. It seemed they felt the need to protect the car, and in turn us from the masses.

The exterior design is only the beginning of the result of the new passion found within GM. The engineers, designers and marketing folks are showing a completely new enthusiasm that seemed to lay dormant for years. It has awakened and has culminated in the building of vehicles that demand our attention. It is a liberated group of car folks.

2014 Chevy Impala

The new interior offers comfort, luxury and stylish design. click to enlarge

As it seems with all the car companies recently, the marketers highlight the techie stuff found within a vehicle. Everything from Bluetooth and wireless technology, to all sorts of connectivity seem to have garnered their attention. We however, believe that while this may be important to many shoppers it is not the main reason most buyers look toward a certain vehicle. We just mentioned the most important aspect “needs.”

As shoppers, we tend to look at our needs to determine what might be the best vehicle. Needs, however, may not be on our minds when we spot a vehicle that makes say, “Wow.” The wow does make us look closer at a vehicle to see how well it will meet our needs. We all have a propensity to look toward a vehicle that caught our fancy then reevaluate how it will fit our lifestyle.

The 2014 Impala not only will satisfy needs it will satisfy emotion. The design is crisp and edgy while having highlights that exude a classic automotive style. From the sharp lines used within the front grille and sharp highlights on the hood, front fenders and on to the broad shoulders over the rear wheels the Impala catches ours attention. Even the rear lights with their tiny “wind trip” that aid aerodynamics make a styling statement for the Impala.

Looking at style, we felt that Chevrolet is finally getting the idea that even buyers of the entry level model is entitled to have sharp looking wheels. On each model of the Impala, the LS, LT LTZ we see really good looking alloy wheels.