Chevrolet teases the 2014 Camaro by parking the car at your mail slot

Chevrolet teases the 2014 Camaro

Chevrolet teases the 2014 Camaro (click to enlarge)

And so it begins. The New York International Auto Show is just days away, but Chevrolet decided to what the appetite of Chevy fans with a teaser photo of the 2014 Camaro. It’s not more than what you’d see had someone parked the car on your porch hard up against a mail slot, but it’s enough to start speculation.

It’s a mild makeover for the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, but from what we can see, the grille isn’t as recessed as the current model, which hasn’t changed since its 2009 debut. The more flush face suggests a new hood and front fenders.

We’re just guessing here, but we’d be surprised if there weren’t a change at the other end as well, perhaps something along the line that Chevrolet did with the Traverse. True, it would be odd for the Chevy sporty car to follow the 2013 Chevrolet Traverse, but it would be as much an improvement for the Camaro as it did for the rear end of the big Chevy crossover.

Speculation ends in a week, however, with the debut of the new Camaro in New York. You can start holding your breath now.