Cadillac lands on roof of California house, and it’s not Santa’s

Glendale firefighter inspects Cadillac on the roof.

Glendale firefighter inspects Cadillac on the roof. (screen capture KABC-TV, click to enlarge)

“It was just smash, crash, boom!” That’s how Glendale (CA) resident Paul Harrison described the sounds of a car crashing onto the roof of a neighbor’s home. But it wasn’t Santa making a March delivery.

According to Galina Wynn, her husband Robert was unable to stop the car as he drove down a hill, though a neighbor’s yard and onto the roof of the house, ending up with the front end of the car on the roof of the house and the rear supported by a retaining wall.

Wynn said that the brakes on the Cadillac had failed. The airbags deployed as the car left the road and they were unable to see where they were going, according to Wynn.

Surprisingly, the house reportedly little harmed but the same could not be said for the car, which sustained major damage. After being lifted off the top of the house by a crane, the car was taken by Glendale police to examine for mechanical defects.

But if the flight of the Cadillac was surprising to the car’s occupants, it was particularly so to the occupant of the house, who fortunately was in a part of his home that wasn’t under the car.

And Mr. Harrison? He saved the Wynn’s from their predicament, apparently uninjured other than their pride, with a ladder, probably one of the more unusual types of rescue equipment for a car crash.

“I consider myself and my husband to be very, very lucky,” Wynn said. Yep, Evel Knievel didn’t always fare so well after a jump went bad.