One millionth Fiat 500 rolls off the assembly line

A lot of Fiat 500s

Fiat has built a million of the Fiat 500, and Fiat says that no two may be alike. (Click to enlarge)

There are a million of them out there. Fiat has announced that since its introduction in July 4, 2007, it has built 1,000,000 Fiat 500s.

The official millionth Fiat 500 was designated as a European-built Lounge version in a three-layer Funk White and fitted with the 1.2-liter 69-horsepower engine. Like all Fiat 500s built in Europe, the record vehicle was built in a Fiat plant in Poland.

All North American Fiat 500s, as well as those sent to South America, are made in a Chrysler Group factory in Toluca, Mexico, that formerly built Chrysler PT Cruisers. The Western Hemisphere Fiat 500 is similar to that sold in the rest of the world but not the identical. Our Fiat 500 is an improved model with features that will be incorporated into the next generation Fiat 500 built in Europe. The Mexico-made 500 was introduced late in 2010 and so far has sold more than 73,000 units.

Fiat claims that with all the combinations of models and engines, trim levels and colors, it’s quite possible that no two are alike. At least, says Fiat, “it is really hard to find two identical Fiat 500s.”

In the United States, a battery-electric Fiat 500e is scheduled for release in California in 2013 after a Los Angeles auto show debut, and a “long wheelbase” five-passenger Fiat 500L will arrive in the U.S. nationally in 2013 as well.

An all-wheel drive crossover version of the Fiat 500, dubbed the Fia t 500X, debuted at the Paris auto show this fall, but a Fiat representative declined comment on whether the soft-road ready 500X would be brought to the U.S.

But if Fiat is to expand its sales in North America, more models will be needed to support Fiat dealers…and help start the Fiat 500 on its way to its second millionth sale.