2013 Lexus LS600h L

The prominent grille and newly designed front hood and fenders give the Lexus LS a more aggressive look.

The idea of incorporating hybrid drive technology into a luxury automobile may seem to be a bit of an oxymoron. However, in the case of the Lexus brand this decision may be considered a no-brainer, after all its parent company, Toyota has successfully marketed the hybrid Prius for many years. It was time to slide the technology over to the Lexus brand.

Lexus feels their LS600h L is a natural in the long wheel base sedan is the most decadent of the Lexus models. So, with the high level of luxurious features found on the LS, lending a perception of being more earth friendly is not a bad one.

The Lexus brand, more specifically the Lexus LS sedan, made a major impact on the luxury car market in North America upon its introduction in 1989. Don’t think the established luxury manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Jaguar did not notice. All of the entries in this field have elevated their design, engineering and owner experience. The real winners from these advancements are the luxury car buyers. All the players in this category have become more competitive and each has produced feature laden vehicles.

The 2013 LS600h L exhibits a new level in design, styling and innovation. The sculpting of the exterior moves toward a more aggressive appearance incorporating sharp character lines, a new Lexus family grille and plethora of LED lighting systems. The new design gives the LS600h L a brawny design while maintaining the expression of elegance.

As designated by the “L” in the badge the LS 600h L is available only in long-wheelbase platform. The additional 5-inches in overall length offers a perfect platform for a luxury automobile as it provides living room-like expanses particularly in the rear seating area. Your rear seat passengers will feel as though they are relaxing in one of those stretch limos you see celebrities use to arrive at the red carpeted events. Of course, a caveat with any larger vehicle is the attention it takes for the driver to go through maneuvers, particularly parallel parking.

Unique tail light clusters and dual tail pipes accent the the LS trunk lid giving access to large storage area.

With many hybrid vehicles one might sacrifice in certain areas. With the LS600h L you have plenty of space in the passenger compartment. In fact, it may feel as spacious as your living room. However, with the hybrid system you give up a tad bit of luggage storage in the trunk. The regular LS trunk holds about 18 cubic feet of cargo, the hybrid batteries cut that down for the LS600h L to 15.5 cubic feet.

Along with an exterior redesign comes a new interior design, which broadens the LS luxury and opens up a wide field of view equipped with a larger assortment of switches, gauges and controls. Most notable is the huge 12.3-inch LCD multi-function display taking center stage in the dash. This display provides access to not just sound system and climate control but vehicle information, voice commands and cell phone apps.

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