Breast Cancer Awareness West Coast Drive

Cancer is one of the ugliest words in the English language. It doesn’t discriminate, nor care about how busy your life is at the moment. For women, breast cancer is the most common cancer, and the second leading cause of death for women. Estimates are that over 220,000 women a year will be diagnosed with it. This means the chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is one in eight. While that’s terrible news, the positive is that there are more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. The only way to stop it is to find a cure, but research is expensive. That’s why it must be an ongoing responsibility to bring awareness so funds can continue to be raised.

Everyone tackles awareness in their own way, but Christina Selter did it the only way she knew: by organizing a drive with a group of girls (and a few guys) to let people know we are on a mission.

The team and the fleet of Kia vehicles before we left in the early morning. Souls, Optima Hybrids, and the Sportage were the choice rides.

Selter and set up a large-scale operation to drive new Kias from Los Angeles to New York. Alas, medical concerns of her own caused some last-minute scrambling that changed the route to a one-day drive from Kia in Irvine, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, with a few automotive-related  stops along the way.

Kia graciously allowed the group of drivers and six social media masters a chance to get behind the wheel of its Optima Hybrid, Soul, and Sportage vehicles. The biggest thrill was having Jo Coddington along as a driver. Jo is the wife of the late, great Boyd Coddington, car build extraordinaire, who many credit for creating the customizing hot-rod industry. Jo is a pro driver in her own right, and loves to race her Boyd Coddington-built salt flats car.

Let’s face it; it wouldn’t be a Kia trip if we didn’t have a hamster along! This is L’il James, or LJ, as we called him. L’il James was named after Jame Hope, national manager of product communications at Kia, and the man who made it all happen.

Before we headed out, we altered the rides a tiny bit. While the Kias were perfect the way they were, they were just missing “something.” Check out the pink eyelashes we added that grabbed attention from truckers and families alike on the open road! Selter also had car magnets printed with information about what we were doing so no one had to
roll down the window to ask. They just gave big thumbs up and kept driving. I wonder how many people we made smile!

We started at o’dark 30 and headed for the all important first stop at Starbucks to get some fuel of our own. Then we fought our way up the freeway to Interstate 15 toward the Land of the Lost Wages. After a few stops for photos and tummy fuel, we reached our first destination: Pole Position Raceway, off of Flamingo Blvd. in Las Vegas proper.

If you’ve never done indoor karting, you have no idea how much fun you’re missing.  Pole Position Raceway is a franchise chain that has locations in California, New York, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Missouri, with more opening soon. It’s a great way to burn some serious energy, hone your driving skills and compete with friends or family for bragging rights. Pole Position also does group and team-building events, as well as driving clinics, youth racing, and special race formats.

We opted for two races, which was all we had time for on our marathon day, but I think that’s all the ladies could handle. At top speeds of 45 mph, we raced around plastic bumpers on a tight course that left little room for passing, but lots of room for laughing. It was a fun way to spend time and stretch our legs before the next stop. Special thanks to Ken Faught and Bobby Romano of Pole Position Raceway for their gracious donation of time and fun.