Vermont man crushes cop cars monster truck-style in parking lot rage run (video)

crushed sheriff's deputys' cars

Crushed Vermont cop cars are now Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3… (Vermont State Police photo)

Dope really does make you stupid.

In a perverse variation of road rage—call it parking lot rage—a Vermont man turned his anger over recent charges for marijuana possession and resisting arrest, arrived at the local Orleans County sheriff’s department on a large farm tractor and, monster truck-style, rolled over a line of police vehicles, including five marked police cars, one unmarked car and a prisoner transport van.

The accused might have made a clean getaway, but a neighbor called 911. The police, inside an airconditioned building with closed windows, had no idea what was happening outside. The Boston Globe’s said that even when they became aware of the mischief in their parking lot, they were unable to make chase. All the police vehicles in the  lot were crushed. Said Chief Deputy Philip Brooks, “We had nothing to pursue him with.”

The cars were not only crushed but double crushed. The tractor made two passes over the cars. Gilles Delabruere, who owns a car dealership next door, watched as the tractor “climbed right on top of those cars, ran right over those cars not only once but twice.” What’s more, according to, the police vehicles hadn’t been parked next to each other. The tractor driver had to push them into place first.

The Burlington Free Press quotes Newport city police chief Seth DiSanto as saying, “It’s pretty much the biggest tractor you can get.”

“It was a massive tractor. It has four 6-foot tandem wheels on the back. It was red. It must be at least a 15-ton tractor,” the Free Press quoted Newport Express publisher Ken Wells. The Express  reported that it was a 10 1/2 foot high, Case MX 255, for those keeping track.

When sheriff’s deputies were unable to chase the tactor down on foot, local police were eventually able to nab the suspect, Roger Pion, 34, about a mile away. It’s apparently hard to hide a big red heavy-duty tractor in Newport, Vermont.

Pion faces multiple charges, including leaving the scene of an accident. Accident? Seems to us that it was on purpose.

WECN video report