Guinness record, Largest Parade of Ferraris, set for September at Silverstone

Ferrari Parade at Silverstone 2007

A Guinness world record Ferrari Parade was set as Silverstone in 2007.

Thought owning a Ferrari was exclusive? Come September 15th, Ferrari drivers will get to feel just like Corolla drivers, at least as far as seeing a lot of the same nameplates about. Ferrari North Europe will be trying to set a Guinness world record for—get this for a narrow focus— Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars.

The original record was set in 2007, with 385 cars on England’s Silverstone Circuit at the Ferrari Racing Days, and was later increased to 490 cars. This year more than 600 cars had registered in the first month when the attempt was announced, solidly thumping the old record, and Ferrari North Europe is shooting for a Guinness World Record of 1,000 cars, and has left registrations open to fill the recently extended Silverstone Grand Prix start to finish with Modena’s best.
In addition, Ferrari will be donating £5 for every car entered into the world record attempt to BEN, the automotive industry’s own charity.

Unlike many club events, Ferrari racing days are open to the public. Advanced weekend tickets are available for only £15 (about $9.65) per person, with children (15 years and under) free of charge. Tickets may be purchased on the day of the event for £15 per day and £20 (about $12.85) for the weekend per person.

Ferrari North Europe says tha Ferrari Racing Days, held at the Silverstone Circuit over the weekend of September 15-16, is “the only motor racing event in the UK where Ferrari fans will see the ultra-exclusive FXX and 599XX development cars on track and a wide range of historic Ferrari F1 cars from the F1 Clienti department,” Real racing takes place, too, with a schedule of races Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and the Ferrari Club Challenge, the Pirelli Ferrari Open.

All in all, it promises to be an exciting weekend for fans of Rosso Corsa, and although Ferraris will be a common sight, don’t expect them to be a dime—or perhaps a farthing—a dozen. We just hope someone records the sound of 1,000 Ferrari’s even at parade speed.