Formula 1 fans build a race car out of beer cans

beer can car wheel

Just the left front wheel of a race car built from beer cans. Click on the link below to see the entire car.

Things being what they are, advertising of alcoholic beverages likely will be banned just about everywhere, despite consumption being legal in just about every civilized country on the planet. If Formula 1 is next, some enterprising F1 fans in England have shown practitioners of the brewer’s art the ultimate in product placement by building a Formula 1 race car entirely out of beer cans.

The “alternative F1 blog,” wtf1 reported on the “car” that was assembled at the 2012 British Formula 1 race at Silverstone. wtf1 didn’t say how the car was put together, but with the primary materials being Fosters’ cans, we suspect the creators may have been channeling the late New Zealand race car builder Bruce McLaren.

Well, Fosters is Aussie, but close enough when you’ve downed enough to put together a car from the containers it came in.
We’re not sure how well the beer can race car would perform on the track, but no doubt certain race fans would, ahem, lap it up.