Juliet most likely to get speeding ticket in Great Britain, insurance company says

cop writing ticketWherefore art thou, Juliet? Well, in Great Britain, it’s most likely being pulled over for speeding. At least more likely than any other woman from the Old Sod. After a study of three million drivers, the insurance company Diamond—which specializes in insurance for women drivers—has discovered that Julias are more likely to have points on their record than any other name.

Fellow female miscreants in descending order are Susannah, Justine, Deirdre and Alexis.

Diamond also looked male drivers and came up with a list that should at least intrigue Americans. The most likely speeders are Rupert, Julian, Piers, Giles and Justin.

Occupations were also compiled, with the mostly likely to have been nabbed driving over the limit topped by surgeons and chartered surveyors, followed by area sales managers, commercial chairmen and chiropractors.

On the other hand, women named Paige, Molly, Shannon, Bethany and Lily are least likely to have points on their license. For men it’s Connor, Terrence, Jake, Jordan and Joshua.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that Paige and Conner are less likely to put the hammer down. They’re just likely to get caught or better at talking their way out of it. (To help keep the numbers from being skewed too much, names or occupations must appear at least 500 times to be included in the lists).

The same applies to school students, au pairs, college students, typists and dinner ladies. What surprises us most about that list is that there are still typists in Blighty. And—we looked it up—in Great Britain, a “dinner lady” is a female cook or what we in the States would call a lunch lady.

Apparently, wearing a hairnet will keep you from getting a ticket, something to remember for your next vacation in Jolly Olde England.