2013 NASCAR-ready Toyota Camry race car revealed

2013 Toyota Camry NASCAR race carWith its formal introduction taking place this week, Toyota joined NASCAR’s ‘significant others’ in announcing its plans for 2013. And in a vein not too far removed from those actions taken (or alluded to) by Ford, Chevy and Dodge, the 2013 NASCAR Toyota Camry will at least look more similar to its production counterpart, and less similar to its NASCAR competition.

As mentioned in our March 14th report on Dodge, Ford and Chevy initiatives, we noted the new regulations allowing for sheetmetal (if that’s the descriptive) more closely resembling their production counterparts. Dodge, of course, has an aesthetic edge with a production Charger featuring rear-wheel drive, a huge benefit when establishing proportions on a rear-wheel drive NASCAR chassis.

Toyota’s production Camry, in contrast, is only rear-wheel drive when running in reverse. That doesn’t diminish the excitement at Toyota, as relayed by Ed Laukes, vice president of marketing communications for Toyota Motor Sales. “We’re thrilled to finally unveil our new 2013 Camry and we think NASCAR fans will really appreciate that our new on-track Camry looks like the one in their driveways. Our 2013 Camry looks more like the production vehicle than ever before, and we hope this helps revitalize the long-standing relationship between fans and manufacturers in NASCAR.”

The NASCAR Camry will have a new front grill more closely matching the production model, distinct character lines down the side and an updated rear bumper; all mods are intended to make the Camry more “relevant” than ever before to its showroom sibling. The 2013 NASCAR Camry will make its competition debut during Daytona International Speedway’s ‘Speedweeks’ next February.