Batman busted: No license plate on the Batmobile, er, Lamborghini

Batman and Lamborghini Batmobile

Even Batman has to put a real license plate on his Lamborghini. (Montgomery County Police photo)

It may not be the Batmobile, but then we don’t think it was the real Batman either. The Washington, D.C., based radio station WTOP reports that when the Montgomery County (Md.) police pulled over a black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, with only a Batman emblem where the license plate should be, and the driver was dressed as the Caped Crusader.

But by accounts, Bruce Wayne’s alter ego didn’t receive a citation. According to WTOP, the pointed-eared superhero was on his way to visit sick children in a hospital.

Alas, the erstwhile Batmobile didn’t make it there under its own power. Even superheroes’ cars must have license plates in Maryland, so the Lambo made its arrival on the bed of a tow truck. The NBC television Washington affiliate said that “a sidekick took this dark knight to his engagement.” Certainly a humiliating turn of events for the Gotham Guardian.

Not, perhaps, as bad as an earlier incident where the same crime-fighting rodent of the night skies’ Lamborghini got a flat tire.

(Thanks to John B. for the tip).