Driver saved by 38KKK breasts…but don’t tell NHTSA

Shayla Hershey displays bosom acted as airbag.

In a newspaper article in which Shayla Hershey the displays bosom that saved her life, one ad seems to provide editorial comment while another makes an offers an app most would likely turn down.

Don’t tell the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Federal highway safety officials learning that a “model’s” oversized breast implants functioned as an airbag—or to use its official name, supplemental restraint system—may have unfortunate consequences for us all.

According to a report in the London Daily Mail, Sheyla Hershey crashed into a tree and was protected by her 38KKK breasts. ‘I think my breasts saved my life. The accident was bad and my boobs are sore, but they protected the rest of me.’ she told Barcroft Media.

Hershey was allegedly not wearing her seatbelt when her Ford Mustang hit the tree. Actually, it’s unlikely that Hershey could physically fit inside a seatbelt. We’re surprised, actually, that Hershey could fit behind the wheel, or that the steering-wheel mounted airbag had room to inflate.

Hershey, who claims to suffer from psychiatric disorders, headaches and backaches, once had 38MMM breasts, but an infection caused by her first implants required that they be removed. Hershey has since had new implant surgery performed in Cancun, Mexico (which admittedly is much safer than Fix-a-Flat butt injections).

While it’s pitying that a woman would deform herself in this manner, it’s worrying as well that this might inspire NHTSA to require universal safety devices that couldn’t fail to be used. Would the backaches be worth it?

Thanks to Phil B. for the tip.