Drive-through funeral home in L.A. has bulletproof glass…but no burgers

drive-thru funeral home

drive-thru funeral home

The drive-through mortuary is part of the mythology of the car-intensive American lifestyle, but in some cases, the ability to drive by with the recently deceased laid out behind glass is real. And despite Los Angeles being the possibly car craziest area in the U.S., the Adams Funeral Home in L.A. is reportedly the only such establishment in California.

The facility isn’t tacky or gimmicky, the owners told the London Daily Mail, but instead is “aactually good for elderly mourners who found it difficult to walk, for those who wanted to make a quick stop during their lunch hour, or for families who might be expecting many visitors.”

The use of expensive double pane bulletproof glass suggests another justification. According to the Daily Mail reporter, “the mortuary became popular with gang members after cemetery shootouts in the 1980s made them reluctant to gather for funerals.” Gang wars won’t apparently let even the dead rest in peace.

The funeral home, however, seems to be missing a profit center: fast food for the lunchtime drive-through viewing. You want fries with that?