Saab Museum to be sold as part of Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy

Saab Sonnets at the Saab Bilmuseum

Saab Sonnets at the Saab Bilmuseum

When we reviewed the Saab Bilmuseum—the Saab Museum—we called it the center of the Saabista’s world. Now for Saab fans, the unimaginable is happening. As a part of the bankruptcy procedures of Saab Automobiles AB, the Saab Bilmuseum is to be auctioned off and bids are being accepted for the museum, either whole or in part, along with the lease for the museum’s current facility.

Saab Bilmuseum's Saab Formula Junior

The Saab Formual Junior was built in 1960 to compete in a open-wheel single-seat racing series. Its two-stroke engine made it fast, compared to its competitors, but 70 percent of its weight was on its front wheels and he car was really never competitive. Two were made by Saab in-house enthusiats

The potential loss of the Saab museum and the scattering of its contents to destinations is salt in the wound that is Saab Automobiles being liquidated. The Saab museum collection is remarkably complete, including the very first Saab prototype automobile, Saab serial number 920001, and the Saab Aero-X concept car that Saab enthusiasts have long wished Saab had produced. Other cars in the Saab collection include a Saab Formula Junior, The Monster and an early Saab 92.  In all some 120 cars are in the collection.

Saab Bilmuseum The Monster

With two 748cc two-stroke triples mounted end-to-end at the transmission in a Saab 93, The Monster earned its name, seting a world speed record in its displacement class. Weight distribution and transmission durability kept it from ever road racing.

“Written tenders”—offers to buy—for the museum or any or all of its contents must be placed with the Delphi, firm liquidating the museum by Friday, January 20, 2012. Full instructions on how to place a bid are available in English.

Delphi had placed a web page with pictures of all the lots to be sold. It’s a broken link now, however, no doubt the website’s server overwhelmed with visits (and downloads) from around the world, as perhaps one last look at the collection in one lace

Engine of the Per Ecklund 1976 Swedish Rally-winning Saab 96

Engine of the Per Ecklund 1976 Swedish Rally-winning Saab 96, a V-4 producing 165 horsepower, 100 more than stock.

The closing date for the sale is January 23, at which time the winning bids must be paid in cash, or at least a 20 percent non-refundable deposit made.

Then that will be that. It is possible that a single party may place the winning bid and the Saab Bilmuseum kept together at its current location. Alas, no sentimentality can have any effect on the disposition of the bids. The Delphi, and long with Wister, must get as much as possible from the collection to help pay off Saab’s creditors.

Barring divine intervention or a wealthy individual or organization, the Saab Bilmuseum will meet the same fate at Saab Automobiles AB.

Saab Bilmuseum's Saab rally cars

The Saab Bilmuseum includes a full array of Saab rally cars.

Saab 900 Turbo 16 EV-1

The Saab 900 Turbo 16 EV-1 was a test bed for future products, said Saab. Saab fas said, build it. Saab didn’t.

Saab "made in Trollhattan" sticker

Saab employees initally disliked the “Made in Trollhattan by trolls” slogan of American Saab enthusiasts but later embraced it.