Car steals itself, breaks into garage, Aussie cops say

Aussie cop checks garage for stolen car.

Aussie cop checks garage for stolen car

A car stole itself and neatly parked in a garage, which the owners reported to police as a break-in.

Call it two mysteries solved for the price of one: According to, police in suburban Stirling, near Perth, Australia, had two crimes on their hands, one a stolen car and the other a garage that someone had broken into while its owners were away.

It turns out that on December 18, the owner of the car had left his car in a parking lot while he went for a wake, and while he was gone, the car disappeared. Police were called, but it was the perfect crime. They didn’t find the car.

Then on January 4, police received a call about the breaking and entering of the garage. The burglar had forced the roller-type door off its tracks to gain entry. The only problem was that the burglar hadn’t taken anything, but instead left a car in the garage.

The explanation is bizarre. When the owner hadn’t left the car’s automatic transmission in Park, it rolled off the lot, across a road, down the driveway and then forced its way into the garage.

No charges were filed.