Saab owners really bobbing; Saab suspends warranty coverage

Saab vehicleTalk about damaged goods. Saab, the latest automaker to bite the dust, has suspended warranty coverage for all new Saab vehicles sold. Effective December 19, according to Saab Cars North America, the warranty booklet must be removed from the owner information packet, and the vehicle will be sold “as is.”

In addition, Saab has suspended the processing and payment of all claims, including but not limited to powertrain, parts and emissions warranties safety belts and airbags, towing, recalls and campaigns, no-charge maintenance, certified pre-owned coverage, and goodwill claims.

Owners are advised to keep all receipts (because, we assume, it will come in handy when you become part of the class-action lawsuit on behalf of owners).

So if you were thinking a Saab vehicle fire sale might be a good idea, be advised that if you make the purchase, you’re on your own afterward.