‘Narcissists’ in Ferraris: Accident in Japan called world’s most expensive

small clip of larger photo of mangled Ferraris

A small clip of larger photo of mangled Ferraris and a small army of Japanese police officers.

There’s a stretch of the Chugoku Expressway that will forever be notorious “as the place where all those Ferraris crashed.” The pileup of eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini Diablo, a Toyota Prius and four other cars including an ultrahigh performance Nissan GT-R  is already being called the most expensive car crash in history, with estimates approaching $4 million.

The instigator of the December 4 debacle has been described as “a 60-year-old self-employed man from Fukuoka prefecture”. According to reports, the driver lost control while driving around a curve on a rain-slicked highway at 85 to 100 mph, bounced off a guardrail and into the path of following Ferraris.

Bloomberg said Mitsuyoshi Isejima, executive officer for Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Expressway Traffic Police unit, said, ““The accident occurred when the driver of a red Ferrari was switching from the right lane to the left and skidded.”

Then men and a woman were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but the driver who started it all could spend up to three months in jail or a fine of as much as 100,000 yen ($1,280).

Accoring to various reports, cars involved in the incident included among the Ferraris, an F355, two F360 Modena, an F430, an F430 Scudiera and an F512. A Mercedes-Benz CL600 said to be going the other way also became entangled in the expensive accident. According to the London Telegraph,  at least several of the car have been written off because they were so severely damage. Photographs and video show shards of fiberglass, twisted aluminum and bent suspension parts, although the passenger compartments are largely intact.

Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Isejima rather quotably called it “a gathering of narcissists.”