Man steals date’s car–while on a date with her

Michael Pratt mugshot

Michael Pratt, mugshot, accused of stealing his date’s car…while on a date with her..

Girls, make sure you know your beau before you give him the keys to your car. If he has a floppy red Mohawk, a spider tattoo on his neck and a list of priors, consider yourself lucky that he didn’t do anything worse than steal your car in the middle of your date.

According to a report on,  Michael Pratt told his date that he had to get something from her car. She gave him the keys…but he didn’t come back.

When calling him didn’t work—he laughed and reportedly told the 35 year old woman, “I stole your car,” and laughed at him—she called the police. Four days after taking off with the woman’s rented 2012 Ford Focus, he called her to say that he had dumped it—where else?—in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

It looks like Mr. Giggles, whose previous convictions include grand theft of a motor vehicle, for which he previously served more than a year in prison, plus “fraud, grand theft, uttering forged bills and failing to return rental property.” And now he has the added benefit of having his mug shot ‘round the world on the internet.

We can only hope that the woman has had an object lesson in picking men.